The Lounge BBS add

Sysop martigan wanted an extremely compact add, just showing the dialstring - and this is all about that prod. It shows a dialstring with even an customized font and a writer routine in just 128byte.

Type BBS add / 128b intro
Release date 21.03.2002
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Badlands BBS add

A small advertisement for The BadLands, opped by Badpeon. Actors in order of appearance:
  • pal settings
  • 47byte strings
  • background
  • funky effect
  • neat design quad
  • nice border
  • doublebuffering (not the quad)
  • waits for retrace
Around 400bytes retired during the production of that film.

Type BBS add / 256b intro
Release date 2.12.2001
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Karpov is a hommage to Kasparov by Elitegroup. We squeezed textures, dynamic lights, 50 (ugly ;) keyframed spiders and a world consisting out of 1392 basic objects into 4096bytes. Two unbelieveable boring instruments playing a lame loop are included for entertainment.

This is the bigger, brighter and a bit faster final version. This prod had been done in a rush, so no more updates, sorry. Requires >700MHz, TNT2.

Type 4096b intro
Release date Mekka / Symposium 2001
Rank 4
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Jigga's first serious try in the truecolor sector.
After leaving the pixeled graphics sector, he came back with this firsttimer masterpiece.

Type Truecolor GFX
Release date December 2000
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Our first try doing 4096byte intros with win32 assembler. Two scenes, featuring a small temple at the end. Camera movement, scenes, timing as well as the music bug like hell since this has been made 90% at the party place. Most possibly it won't run nowadays. A dll some Voodoo installers are nuking from the system is included.

This is the bigger and a bit faster final version. This prod had been done drunk and in a rush, so no more updates, sorry. Requires 640x480, >700MHz, TNT2.
Du magst doch diese Musik du Judas!

Type 4096b intro
Release date Dialogos 2000
Rank 2
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Kiss me where it smells funny

(Oder ich beiss Dir den Kopp ab!)
Jigga's entry for Dialogos2k graphics competition. Totally handmade using only brutal 256 colours. Sadly, this pic has never been finnished.

Type Pixeled graphics
Release date Dialogos 2000
Rank 14


Asssembler sourcecode for an elliptic textured 3d rotation object. textured, zbuffered, planar projected ;) Code is like the name but included.
The interesting thingie with that is: it's just 399Bytes small and fairly unoptimized.

Type Sourcecode release
Release date 28.5.2000

KSM4 picture pack

Some pictures from the Kleve Scene Meeting 4, stuffed together with lousy descriptions and without retouching, improving or scaling images. Shame us.

Type Picture pack
Release date 17.5.2000

VESA sourcecode

Assembler sourcecode for supporting putpixel, getpixel, init, pageswitch and clearing in 5 VESA modes. Together with an example init and clear this is 230bytes small.

Type Sourcecode release
Release date 23.05.1998

MS98 Report

A short but stylish Mekka / Symposium 1998 report.
It is tested to not comply with anything >Win98 and >200MHz and thus totally obsolete. We even can't make a screenshot of it. No we don't want to patch it.
64k, efx, sfx, gfx, stylefx. fx!

Type Party report / 64k intro
Release date 20.04.1998


Eh. Mehehehehhee.
No you do not want to know.

Type Fastintro
Release date Mekka / Symposium 1998
Rank disqualified :)
Download As said.

Coderz Cunt BBS add

Again a new BBS add for the Coderz Cunt.
This time including a textured, phongbumped 3d scene. Same thing like MS98 Report here.

Type BBS add
Release date ??.??.1998

Iridium BBS add

A small advertisement for one of our most-called boards those days. Sysop RiK wanted it to be 666bytes, so it is a little bloated.
Nevertheless it's quite ok for it's size and that time (from the ad view ;) including background fractal, massive texts, phongbump. No music - booooo!

Type BBS add
Release date 04.03.1998
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The unknown soldier

This stands for all our older files we have lost due to diskcrashes, laziness or other stupid thingies that simply happen in life.
We do not miss you :P